Shipping and Returns Disclaimer


Currently, RDSW ships all packages, international and domestic, through USPS and associated USPS partners.  This is subject to change in the future if delivery becomes too inconsistent or unreliable.

Shipping always includes a tracking number, and RDSW is available for any questions on shipping methods, but we do not currently offer other methods to ship. 

Returns Disclaimer

All production and shipping at RDSW is handled by one person, and all goods are handmade.  Handmade items will differ slightly from one another, and exacting precision is not necessarily the goal.

No items will be knowingly shipped as defective, meaning:  no items will arrive unable to perform their explicit duties.  If that does occur, please contact RDSW immediately.

Returns will not be accepted for reasons of aesthetic discrepancies.  Stitching may not be perfectly straight.  Nylon webbing may be cut with slight angles.  These items are all unique from one another.  RDSW creative philosophy is one which embraces minor imperfections that reflect a human fingerprint in creative pursuit.  If you are looking for something flawless and perfect, then please look elsewhere.  If you value handmade items that perform a duty, and will live up to strenuous use, then perhaps you'll love my work.  

I do not wish for any person to be unhappy with my work, so if you have any reservations, then please abstain from purchasing, or feel free to reach out and ask any questions you may have.  I would prefer to clarify anything you are unsure of over selling you something you are unhappy with.  

I DO NOT want you to feel convinced to buy anything.  I want to cultivate a community of shared interests; not a pool of customers.  So please, do not feel compelled.