About Rausch Design Skunk Works

"Skunk Works" - An enriched environment that is intended to help a small group design a new idea by escaping routine organizational procedures."


RDSW was conceived during a time of great personal, and global turmoil.


In November of 2018 the Rauscher family escaped the deadliest, and most devastating wildfire in California's history.  After having lost their home and their entire town in a matter of hours, they concentrated their efforts into rebuilding their lives in a positive, and fulfilling manner. 

 Within 20 minutes of this photo being taken, the house would be destroyed.

This meant refocusing their priorities, and rediscovering what actually brought joy to their lives.  For the members of the Rauscher family, creativity and creation were the keys to moving on.


During the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic the family acquired a sewing machine and discovered an entirely new outlet for creation and thus, RDSW came to be.  Anything made and sold here is the product of passion for creation; not a blind pursuit of profit.  The goal is to produce quality items, made by humans, with all the imperfections of human endeavor left as a witness that a person created it.  We won't ever allow defective items to leave our home, but each item will be uniquely imperfect, just like the humans who create and use them!